Fold to Fold

This is a project has taken many years not just by myself but many makers and collectors.

My daughter Lucy suggested the title as it was short enough to fit in the plain green space and it relates to the folding of the paper and how rock folds over geological time. The idea was to save the many unique pattern papers most often used in book production to illustrate geological time.

These papers are usually classified by date, the places in which they were made or by the makers who either designed or marbled them. The pattern papers are folded and joined with various colours of cloth which are exposed at the spine. This is to give the impression of the many colours which make up soil and rock. The geological time periods are separated with handmade paper  and embossed with gold.

Geology defines our world and the soil which all life is dependent. Devon is rich in geological sites including the Jurassic Coast. The local red sandstone gives its named to the Devonian period. The granite from Dartmoor washed down to form the Bovey Basin, home to rich deposits of clay. The final pieces are plastic which in the current Anthropocene period humans are leaving in the fossil record.

It has helped many people to understand the length of geological time and human influence upon it. My thanks to the geologists who have given their time to look at how the papers were arranged to see if any were wildly out of context.

The cover leather is batik dyed  from the manufacturer Harmatan. The box is also Harmatan suede. The book is held together with album rivets and the cover is supported on either side by an engraved bar, made locally.

The video was shot by Selby Thomas.

Mary Bartlett, Dartington Hall, 2019.