The 3 Grades of Fine Leather

All of the goatskins in the Harmatan Fine Leather range are selected, tanned in Sumac and dyed in to our vast range of colours. When ‘finished’ the skins are then sorted/selected into the 3 selling grades.

Grade 1. Every single part of the skin is usable with no marks. These skins are now virtually impossible to find in Northern Nigeria due to the increased use of barbed wire (the animals sratch/itch themselves against wire,tree stumps anything !).

Grade 2. Small number of naturally occuring marks mainly towards the outside edges of the skins. They are suitable for full binding work etc.

Grade 3. An even greater number of natural marks and scratches but still very usable for small full binding, half or quarter style bindings. If you wish to give us a cut size or provide us with a template we will probably be able to find a skin from this selection and save yourself some money.

Please do remember that all our skins bought via ‘Fair Trade’ in Northern Nigeria are all free range!

The animals do roam freely most of the time (except when fields are planted, or not harvested). Leather is a natural product, therefore it bears natural characteristics such as grain variation, growth and bush marks and when seen on the finished product indicate that it is a totally natural grain and not a machine embossed one!

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