Fold to Fold

This is a project has taken many years not just by myself but many makers and collectors.

My daughter Lucy suggested the title as it was short enough to fit in the plain green space and it relates to the folding of the paper and how rock folds over geological time. The idea was to save the many unique pattern papers most often used in book production to illustrate geological time.

These papers are usually classified by date, the places in which they were made or by the makers who either designed or marbled them. The pattern papers are folded and joined with various colours of cloth which are exposed at the spine. This is to give the impression of the many colours which make up soil and rock. The geological time periods are separated with handmade paper  and embossed with gold.

Geology defines our world and the soil which all life is dependent. Devon is rich in geological sites including the Jurassic Coast. The local red sandstone gives its named to the Devonian period. The granite from Dartmoor washed down to form the Bovey Basin, home to rich deposits of clay. The final pieces are plastic which in the current Anthropocene period humans are leaving in the fossil record.

It has helped many people to understand the length of geological time and human influence upon it. My thanks to the geologists who have given their time to look at how the papers were arranged to see if any were wildly out of context.

The cover leather is batik dyed  from the manufacturer Harmatan. The box is also Harmatan suede. The book is held together with album rivets and the cover is supported on either side by an engraved bar, made locally.

The video was shot by Selby Thomas.

Mary Bartlett, Dartington Hall, 2019.


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The Harmatan bookbinders apron is now available for purchase.
Blue, polycotton, adjustable neck bank, and with two pockets.

A stylish addition to your bindery!

Suede splits

A selection of suede splits all from goatskins, in several colours are available for sale.

These will be on offer at the tannery stock room, and at trade fairs.

The Explorer Notebook


This book has been hand crafted in Wiltshire by Veterans working for the Wiltshire Barn Project. By buying this book you are contributing directly to the rehabilitation and well-being of Veterans, some of whom have only recently been evacuated from Afghanistan.

The Wiltshire Barn Project is a craft‑based training and employment charity for Veterans of all three Services. The Project is based in the Daffodil Barn near Pewsey, Wiltshire, and uses the therapeutic qualities of hand bookbinding to assist casualty rehabilitation and to develop employment opportunities.

Calf skin supplied by Harmatan.

Available from:
The Wiltshire Barn Project, SN9 5PF
Tel: 01672 851979
Registered Charity No 1149583

Harmatan and Oakridge Leathers Representation at Trade Fairs


Cologne Bookbinders Trade Fair. Engelshof, Oberstrasse 96. D-51149 Cologne.

Sunday 27th October 2019.



Society of Bookbinders.


University of Bath 29th – 31st August 2019

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Wayzgoose Events.

Shipley, Wayzgoose.  3rd fair celebrating Letterpress and the Book Arts.

The Kirkgate Centre, Shipley BD18 3EH

11 am to 5pm.

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The Oxford Guild of Printers

Wayzgoose on Saturday 2nd November .

Oxford Brookes University, Sir Kenneth Wheare Hall.


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The Guild of Bookworkers, Standards of Excellence Conference

23rd to 27th October Philadelphia.

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9 – 10 th November 2019

St. Pieterkerk, Leiden, The Netherlands

Bookbinding, calligraphy, printing, paper-makers, demonstrations.




Sunday 14th April.2019.

‘t bauhaus, St.Niklaas, near Antwerp

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Biennales, 26th – 29th September 2019.

Saint Remy les Chevreuse.

15th Biennales Mondiales de la Reliure d’Art in Saint Remy le Chevreuse.

Exhibition and trade fair at Espace Jean Racine,

1 Rue Ditte, Saint Remy les Chevreuse -78470.



Montreuil Bellay.

Salon, le livre et ses metiers d’art.

February 2020.

organised by Evelyne Sagot of Anima Libri


Dorset bookbinder selected by Dragons’ Den investor Deborah Meaden in her campaign to buy British this Christmas.

Dragons’ Den investor Deborah Meaden aims to buy her Christmas presents from British businesses this year and is using Twitter to tell the world which she thinks is the best.

In her take on the Twelve Days of Christmas, each evening Deborah selects a British manufacturer to promote to her 35,000 plus Twitter followers in her ‘Twelve Tweets of Christmas’ project. Her criteria is top quality British made goods that would make ideal Christmas presents.

Deborah’s Seventh Tweet of Christmas on the 12th of December went to local bookbinder Susan Green of Susan Green Books, for “very stylish hand bound books and journals”.

From her home studio in Colehill near Wimborne in Dorset, Susan combines quality materials, traditional skills and designs both historical and contemporary to make a variety of books to suit a range of budgets and tastes, including guestbooks, notebooks, travel journals and miniatures.

Susan’s most recent commission was for the Donmar Warehouse theatre in the West End who required a guestbook in their corporate colours, using a 15th century binding known as Longstitch with Linkstitch.

Susan believes that whilst her attention to detail and quality materials set her apart from the rest, she is keen to point out that it’s worth buying hand made notebooks because they last a lifetime, plus Susan offers a refill service.

“Deborah is a great champion of small businesses, and a well known and well respected business figure in Britain, so it’s beyond wonderful to be included in her ‘buy British, help jobs’ campaign on Twitter this Christmas”, says Susan, who uses Twitter daily to keep in touch with her customers and other Dorset businesses.

Goat accused of robbery

Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of attempted robbery.

Vigilantes seized the black and white goat, saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into an animal to escape after trying to steal a Mazda 323.

A spokeman for police in the eastern state of Kwara said: ‘The goat is in our custody. Vigilantes saw some hoodlums attempting to rob a car. One escaped while the other turned into a goat’.

Daily Mail, saturday 25/01/2009. Also reported in the Daily Telegraph.

Delivery Times

Please allow up to 28 days from date of placing order for delivery.

A good amount of stock is kept at the tannery, but for larger orders/quantities please allow sufficient time!

Many of our leathers are made to order – especially upholstery skins, Kaduna, Morocco grain and Katsina.

The 3 Grades of Fine Leather

All of the goatskins in the Harmatan Fine Leather range are selected, tanned in Sumac and dyed in to our vast range of colours. When ‘finished’ the skins are then sorted/selected into the 3 selling grades.

Grade 1. Every single part of the skin is usable with no marks. These skins are now virtually impossible to find in Northern Nigeria due to the increased use of barbed wire (the animals sratch/itch themselves against wire,tree stumps anything !).

Grade 2. Small number of naturally occuring marks mainly towards the outside edges of the skins. They are suitable for full binding work etc.

Grade 3. An even greater number of natural marks and scratches but still very usable for small full binding, half or quarter style bindings. If you wish to give us a cut size or provide us with a template we will probably be able to find a skin from this selection and save yourself some money.

Please do remember that all our skins bought via ‘Fair Trade’ in Northern Nigeria are all free range!

The animals do roam freely most of the time (except when fields are planted, or not harvested). Leather is a natural product, therefore it bears natural characteristics such as grain variation, growth and bush marks and when seen on the finished product indicate that it is a totally natural grain and not a machine embossed one!

Leather Thinning/Splitting Services .

Harmatan – GB £100 per hour ex VAT. Minimum charge time 1/2 hour.

No liability will be accepted for any damage, thickness variation, inability to split due to tannage irregularities on leather not produced by Harmatan Ltd.

Hohenforst Splitting Co
152-4 W.Fulton Street
tel:518 725 0012

Yves Orbach
132, rue R.Vandeveldestraat
B-1030 Brussels
tel: 02 242 5789.

Shepherds Bookbindery Ltd
Units 107/108
30,Great Guildford Street
tel: 0207 620 0060